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270 weatherby magnum vs 300 win mag

Of our selected.338 LM rounds, the Hornady ELD Match maintains its velocity at a high rate through 500 yards and will remain supersonic well over 1,000 yards.
We have compiled the velocity data from the ten rounds from the manufacturers website, and when we look at the velocity (ft/s) (Graph 2) from the muzzle to out to 500 yards, we see some interesting points of discussion.
Guns are your passion?The purpose of this cartridge was to provide snipers with a long range round that had incredible terminal ballistics and had the ability to penetrate several layers of body armor at extreme distances.2, with the.300 Remington Ultra Magnum being introduced in 1999.This round maintains over 2,000fps velocities even out to the 500-yard mark which helps with proper expansion, and it also aids in the rounds ballistics.To each their own, but the 300 Win Mag is going to give you more range along with more power and flatter trajectories than most other hunting cartridges used for the same game.While both of these rounds are known as having the capability to be used in long range situations, both are also used in a hunting capacity, which means shots taken at a shorter range are probable, so we will also take a look at the.In the simplest explanation possible, the ballistic coefficient gives you an idea of how well a bullet is streamlined.At the shooting range to test out the latest offering from Weatherby,.5 - 300 magnum caliber.We have picked five popular rounds for both the.338 LM and.300 Win Mag that range from range to hunting rounds.
Still, both of these cartridges have pretty impressive BCs, and this tells us that they have the potential to be used in long range applications.
For the methods in this article that we are using for comparing the two cartridges, we are going to stick with the categories that we can put numbers.

The.300 Weatherby Magnum.30 caliber rifle cartridge created by, roy Weatherby in 1944 and produced by, weatherby.This high amount of recoil energy is going to be a necessary evil to obtain the speeds, range, and power that comes with these two cartridges.The 338 LM was designed and produced in the late 1980s.And we dont want to discount this method of demonstrating accuracy.For the.338 LM we think big game hunting, and for taking down large and often dangerous game, we lean towards the Nosler Trophy Grade AccuBond 300gr.300 WM /.6x71.5 Weatherby / SAA 3550 / XCR 08 075 BFC 020.Energy The energy that is carried by the bullet is only one factor of a rounds stopping power, but it is an important one nonetheless.
This is not an unexpected result as we have already discussed the differences in bullet weights and cartridge specs.
Even out to 700 yards there is a little under 100 inches of bullet drop.


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