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The term is used to describe organs, such as orchid flowers, that are usually resupinate.
Apocarpous (of a gynoecium ) Consisting of one or more carpels which are free from one another (or almost.g.
Forb Any non-woody flowering plant that is not a grass, sedge or rush.From here you can: scan the goldman prize winners calendar for upcoming programs.Epigynous Borne on the ovary ; describes floral parts when attached above the level of the ovary and arising from tissue fused to the ovary wall.Petiolate a leaf with a petiole.Geophilous Growing or rooting in the ground.stalk of a stamen. .Pit in tracheary elements, a section of the cell wall where the secondary wall is missing, and the primary wall is present.Variant A plant or group of plants showing some measure of difference from the characteristics associated with a particular taxon.
Tendril A slender organ modified from a stem, leaf, leaflet or stipule and used by climbing lion king chicago promo code plants to cling to an object.
Dorsal At the rear or back, facing away from the axis ( abaxial ) in a lateral organ or away from the substrate in a prostrate plant.

plants selected to produce a root system with some specific attribute,.g.Lobe part of a leaf (or other organ often rounded, formed by incisions to about halfway to the midrib.A membranous expansion of a fruit or seed which aids in dispersal, for instance on pine seeds.Ephemeral synaptospermy is the term for when the diaspores split into units containing fewer or single seeds each, as in most tumbleweeds.Bracteolate Possessing bracteoles (bractlets).Various combinations of words or numbers with '-ploid' indicate the number of haploid sets of chromosomes,.g.Pseudanthium A type of inflorescence occurring in the Asteraceae and Euphorbiaceae, in which multiple flowers are grouped together to form a flower-like structure, commonly called a head or capitulum.Rhombic like a rhombus : an oblique figure with four equal sides.Epicarp The outer layer of the wall of a fruit,.e.
The form of the petals in many irregular flowers.

of seeds, describing the complex sequence of physiological and structural changes that occur from resting to growth stage.


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